About Us

At Universal Health Corporation, we understand the day-to-day challenges your center faces. We know how hard it is to be successful in the skilled nursing industry with providers who are not invested in your center's goals. It's time for you to have a partner in handling patient care and outcomes.

It is our mission to provide patients with the best possible care while providing your center with the results that are most important to you.

U Health Core Values:
Team Players
Compassionate Providers
Adaptable to your needs
Determined to do the right thing
Humble Leaders in Healthcare
Committed to excellent service and patient care

Our objectives are:
Promote and contribute toward a unified, comprehensive effort, respecting the needs and welcoming the insights of all parties involved.

Focused on contributing to the success of the Nursing Center and supporting their mission.


Rebecca Green, FNP

Francine Thomas, MSN, FNP-C

Kathleen Strickland, PA-C

Strickland has 15 years of medical experience as an NREMT Paramedic, receiving awards for her efforts as a critical care helicopter crew member and triage care in emergency departments. She has practiced in multiple hospitals and clinics in Virginia, Alabama, and Pennsylvania.

Vera Short, FNP-C

Started as a CNA in long-term care in 2001 and transitioned to RN in neuro trauma, ortho and geriatrics. She became a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2018. Vera is passionate about her patients and families.

Alvesha Williams, FNP-C

A Master of Science in Nursing graduate from Winston-Salem State University, Williams previously spent time at Hillsdale Family Practice and Kernersville Pediatrics where she diagnosed and managed care for patients ranging from newborn to geriatric phases of life. She also has specialized knowledge in podiatry.

Christine Davidson, MSN, NP-C

Julia Lizotte, FNP-C

Lizotte received her Master of Science in Nursing at Simmons College in Boston and has experience in cardiology and adult primary care. She has also worked in a regional Level I Trauma Center.

Dr. Russell Noblett, MD

Dr. Noblett is a board-certified internist. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (magna cum laude) in Philosophy from the University of North Texas and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He brings 30 years of experience as a practicing physician, specializing in internal medicine.

Brooke McDaniel, MSN, AGNP-C

Brooke McDaniel received her Master of Science in Nursing at Maryville University and is an experienced clinician that loves serving the geriatric population. Brooke has a passion for her patients and focuses on chronic disease management while promoting aging in place and quality of life.

Curtis Hodges, DNP, FNP-C, BSN

Curtis Hodges is a hardworking Certified Nurse Practitioner bringing 11+ years of clinical nursing experience and delivering exceptional care to patients in the intensive care and progressive care setting.

Dr. Vladimir Brown, MD

Dr. Brown-Zheltkov, MD graduated from St. George's University School of Medicine in 2007 and has been in practice for over 10 years. Dr. Brown is board-certified in Psychiatry.

Dr. Alfonso Brochero, MD, CMD

Dr. Brochero, MD, CMD is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician who specializes in post acute and long term care medicine. He is a graduate of Libre University and Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital in 2009. His primary focus over the past 8 years has been to help patients and facilities in post acute care.

Dr. Keith Harrop, MD

Dr. Harrop graduated from the Ross University School of Medicine in 2011 and specializes in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Marko Miljkovic, MD

Our lead Physician in Pennsylvania, Dr. Miljkovic joins us from the Penn State Health system and has extensive experience in Internal Medicine and Family Practice Medicine. A graduate of Penn State University for his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). He loves to provide compassionate care and educating families and patients.

Miranda Fields, MSN, FNP

Pam Scholl, MSN, AGACNP-BC

Pam has extensive experience in Emergency Room practice and recently graduated from Waldon University with a Masters in Science in Adult Geriatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. She is eager to take care of the patients in the Danville, Virginia area and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Jim Park

A 1972 graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, Jim was commissioned on active duty with the US Army Field Artillery.  In 1994 he was selected as the Institute Chaplain and Chaplain to the VMI Corps of Cadets retiring after a 22 year career in 2016. Jim is also a certified Dale Carnegie trainer.

Joseph Park

Joseph Park is our Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from Radford University and is dedicated to partnering with the healthcare industry to improve patient outcomes and center performance.

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